Altar Contest

Altar Contest

The heart of the Dia de los Muertos festivities are the altars!

Thank you for your interest in creating an altar for the DIA DE LOS MUERTOS CULTURAL FESTIVAL at Rose Hills Memorial Park. Here you can find the registration forms.

Dia de los Muertos represents a mixture of Christian devotion with pre-Hispanic rituals and beliefs which are embodied in the traditional altar-offering. It consists of offerings such as favorite foods on a day when their spirit returns to relive memories.

In creating a traditional altar, the four elements of nature are represented:

  • Earth, represented by fruits or favorite family dishes that feed the souls with rich aroma…
  • Wind, represented by movement, using generally confetti or papel picado…
  • Water, is placed in a container for the soul’s thirst after the long journey to reach the altar…
  • Fire, a candle for each soul remembered and an extra candle is for the forgotten soul…

Salt is placed as a means of purification, copal (incense) commemorates pre-Hispanic history, and cempasúchitl (marigold flower) petals are scattered to guide the soul to the altar. Photographs of loved ones are also placed to remember and relive.

Bring the family, join our altar contest and be part of the festivities!

On-Line Registration – Coming Soon

Altar Contest Registration Form – Download Here

For more information on the Altar contest, please contact:
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